Photo Diary: Fish market in Mbour, Senegal

I went to Mbour for the day about two weeks ago.

Part of La Petite Cote, Mbour is a department about an hours drive from Dakar. It is home to the popular resort towns (communes) of Joal Fadiouth, Popenguine, Saly and Somone.

I planned to spend the weekend of my birthday in Saly. My friend and I had fun playing paintball instead. Still, I promised myself to visit Mbour and Saly at some point.

“Some point” was a week later when I realized that I am adjusting to Dakar badly. I figured I could use a change of scenery and time to clear my head and remember that there is more to life than what I am feeling and thinking.

I did: the trip was relaxing and re-energizing. In addition to walking on the beach in Saly and seeing Mbour’s pink mosque,* I visited the port and fish market, Although I was there less than an hour, I remember the smell, sights and sounds.

As one of the biggest in the country, the market in Mbour is busy. I saw fish in buckets, hands, nets, stands, and on the floor. Some men cleaned and grilled fish next to people who slept in horse-drawn carriages. Beside the boys and men who carried large black nets to/ from their colorful pirogues, children sat or played next to women who sold or bought fish. It was a little overwhelming yet very exciting to see what happens when the pirogues and fishermen come back to shore after a long day at sea. I could not photograph most of what I saw because many people categorically told me to put my camera away. I share below some of the photos I took:

*I’ll share more about the trip to Mbour, including information about my journey there and back, in future posts.

Please ask for permission to use my photos if you would like to do so.

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