I moved to Dakar, Senegal for a year


I am working with a non-profit and non-governmental organization as part of a yearlong fellowship program.

I started this role in August and chose it after much consideration and many discussions on my career and personal goals with friends and family. The 20th country I visit in Africa, Senegal is home to a large community of expatriates. I am happy to join it and to practice speaking and writing in French more often. Surfing in Ngor, eating fish in Yoff, and visiting the Phare des Mamelles are on my radar. The same is true about taking a picture at the westernmost point in continental Africa, buying fabric in HLM, listening to Youssou N’dour live, and riding a car rapide. I am also happy to eat well and meet some of Africa’s most talented artists.


What are you currently doing professionally? How did you get this job?


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